John Keats returns to Chichester

After much anticipation a statue to the poet John Keats has been unveiled in the centre of the city! The poet visited Chichester in January 1819, staying with the parents of his friend, Charles Dilke in Eastgate Square. So it is fitting that the sculpture depicts John... read more

Buy Me?

I would have loved to buy this work by Frieda Hughes. It is called “The Last Kiss”!   read more

Frieda Hughes – Inspiring Words

I decided to add this photo as a separate post! I need to be reminded of this every day! It is so easy to get caught up in negative thoughts, but Frieda’s words are so relevant. I need to remember  that it is only through trying to make small changes on a daily... read more

The Country Wife

Tucked quietly away in a corner of Berkshire is an amazing textile mural called The Country Wife. It is currently being renovated by volunteer embroiderers with the hope that one day it will be put on public display for the general public to marvel over. The National... read more

Bronze Age Chichester – The Devil’s Jumps

Spring has almost sprung! The last day of February and a perfect sunny morning up on the South Downs Way to the north-west of Chichester. The Devil’s Jumps are well known to local walkers, but I just couldn’t resist taking a photo as they looked splendid... read more

Roman discovery in Chichester’s Priory Park

Is this so surprising? After all Chichester was an important Roman town called Noviomagus Reginorum – meaning  ‘New Market town of the Regni Tribe’. Well yes, it is a really amazing discovery! The difficulty with a small walled city is that of course... read more

The Labyrinth – Chichester Cathedral

The North Transept of Chichester Cathedral is a bright open space set aside for temporary exhibitions. These are not necessarily Christian – but they always are spiritual and reflective. ‘Labyrinth’ – the latest exhibition is engaging and... read more