The Country Wife

Tucked quietly away in a corner of Berkshire is an amazing textile mural called The Country Wife. It is currently being renovated by volunteer embroiderers with the hope that one day it will be put on public display for the general public to marvel over. The National... read more

Bronze Age Chichester – The Devil’s Jumps

Spring has almost sprung! The last day of February and a perfect sunny morning up on the South Downs Way to the north-west of Chichester. The Devil’s Jumps are well known to local walkers, but I just couldn’t resist taking a photo as they looked splendid... read more

Roman discovery in Chichester’s Priory Park

Is this so surprising? After all Chichester was an important Roman town called Noviomagus Reginorum – meaning  ‘New Market town of the Regni Tribe’. Well yes, it is a really amazing discovery! The difficulty with a small walled city is that of course... read more

The Labyrinth – Chichester Cathedral

The North Transept of Chichester Cathedral is a bright open space set aside for temporary exhibitions. These are not necessarily Christian – but they always are spiritual and reflective. ‘Labyrinth’ – the latest exhibition is engaging and... read more

‘Connection’ in Chichester Cathedral

Chichester Cathedral is well known for its desire to meld the ancient with the very new. This recent temporary exhibition is testament to that! When guiding in the Cathedral it is so interesting to listen to visitors comments about the modern pieces – both the... read more

Chichester Cathedral’s oldest surviving brass

In the Treasury of Chichester Cathedral there is a wonderful artefact from the early medieval period. Very little is known about it except that it is a tiny heart brass. It was first discovered by Thomas King on the 18th July 1829 under a clock in the triforium. This... read more


Yesterday I listened to a short explanation about Jesus’s introduction to the Sermon on the Mount –  in the Christian calendar we will soon be entering the period of Lent. In a few verses in Matthew, Chapter 5 we are compared to salt and light. Normally at... read more

The Rubbin’ House at the top of Chalk Pit Lane

Over the past year a small group of us have been establishing The Lavant History Project and we are discovering so many interesting facts and are looking forward to collating them and even maybe publishing small booklets. We were recently asked by the South Downs... read more