Hilly Sloan, Tour Guide, Chichester and West SussexSunset over the South Downs at GoodwoodMedieval flood tiles in Boxgrove Priory near Chichester

I have been a tour guide for well over thirty years, working first of all in Europe before returning to England to train initially as a guide of Windsor Castle and then progressing on to become a Blue Badge Guide of London. After moving down to Chichester and the magnificent South Downs well over twenty years ago, the history of the area grabbed my attention and I decided to focus on local interest matters and stories.

As a history graduate, I am passionate about bringing the past alive and I love using the context of major historical events to describe what was happening on a local scale. A heavenly day for me is to stride out on the South Downs with my dogs, imagining as I look down towards Chichester, how life would have been in centuries gone by.

I conduct a wide variety of city and regional walking tours and work as a guide for Goodwood House and Estate as well as Edes House in Chichester. This has led, over the years, to invitations to deliver lectures, teaching sessions and specialist talks on many aspects of local history, art and culture, as well as documentaries on the lives of well known figures from the past.

Much of this time has been spent scribbling down interesting facts to refer to later or to collate into a coherent lecture or talk. But as always the bits of paper end up in box files never to see light of day again….

So I use this blog as a resource to record the many places I visit, to jot down notes in response to the inevitable questions that pop up and also address the many issues I get asked about, that I half  know the answer to, but that need to be clarified and refreshed.

I do hope this website will jog the grey matter and stimulate you to pass comment and add your own interesting titbits from history! Many of the posts will of course refer to Chichester, The South Downs and West Sussex where I am so very lucky to live! The history of the area is rich and vibrant, the architecture of the City and South Downs villages magnificent and the stories to relate are captivating!!

My biggest problem is that I never seem to have enough time to do or see all the things and places that fascinate me. I am bursting with ideas to investigate, research and photograph, so that I can then share them with others on my walking tours and lectures and of course on this blog!

In the past, you may have seen me appearing, albeit fleetingly, on Michael Portillo’s Bradshaw’s Railway Guide Series! If you missed that programme…. ha ha …. you can always catch me on YouTube! Just click on the link below to view:

If Walls Could Talk – The Edes House Tour  https://youtu.be/p9HSlSJ-vVI


Fingerpost at Tegleaze on South Downs near ChichesterRed Arrows display over the rooftops of ChichesterBignor Church Wildflower Festival