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Chichester, Goodwood, The South Downs and Sussex – Immerse yourself in History, Culture, Art and Nature

As a professional tour guide and history graduate, I am passionate about bringing the past alive. Drawing upon my extensive knowledge and love of the area, I present a series of walks, talks and tours which are fun and sociable as well as being enlightening. Who really enjoys exploring and learning using a phone app or struggling to read tiny print in a leaflet? Take a look at my calendar and join me on one of the public events. Or maybe you’d like me to arrange a bespoke tour or talk for a group of you. Click on the tabs above to view my wide range of walking tours and talks – something to interest everyone. I look forward to meeting you sometime soon!

The most recent entries in my journal are shown below – I try to it keep up to date – recording visits to interesting places, exhibitions, books and articles I’ve read, plus details of bespoke tours and talks arranged for special interest groups. You will notice that sometimes I do stray beyond the border of Sussex!

Herissons in the Chichester Cathedral

Whilst I was on duty in Chichester Cathedral a couple of days ago, I was chatting with the erstwhile head guide - a fount of all knowledge. He mentioned the hedgehogs in the North Transept, as if I was well aware of them. So I had to come clean and admit that I'd...

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Victorian Giants

The Beast from the East thwarted my attempt to visit Glasgow to enjoy all the art and culture the city has to offer. The night sleeper from Euston, booked many months ago, was cancelled and from what I heard about conditions on the streets up there, it seems that was...

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Sunshine reveals Gravestone Secrets

I am part of a team conducting a graveyard survey in the churchyard of St Nicholas Church, Mid Lavant. Last October we spent a weekend learning all about the need to record the gravestones of ancient parish churchyards, before the writing on the stones vanishes...

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